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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

more lived and learned

You are perfect and you are good, right where you are today. You made mistakes back when, but you were a different person then. Now you are more lived and learned, and you’re allowed to choose again. Right where you are tomorrow will be a different place; that’s how it is, it can’t be helped.  It’s something we call time.
We’re only stuck when we think we are; we’re only stuck in our minds. Even in shackles, even in prison, no one controls our thoughts. Unless we let them, as often we do, when we listen to their judgments and wonder if they’re true:  Maybe they do know me better than I know myself, I’ve often heard them say it – “you don’t mean that, you can’t believe, you should, you ought, you’re wrong, I’m right, if only you were different”.  But you’re not.
You are you, perfect and good, right where you are today. If others choose to judge you, that’s their mistake, not yours. They, too, will soon be different, time moves for them, as well. They’ll choose again, be somewhere else, more lived and learned – like you.
You are perfect where you are, you’re good and getting better. Love yourself now, and as you were then, back when you made those mistakes. They might have been for someone else, they might have been for me. To help me learn to be better:  understanding, forgiving, compassionate, brave -  we’re all in this together.
I thank you now for who you are, and for who you will be; the things you’ve lived and done and thought – it’s all alright by me. Your part of the human family, a part we can’t do without. Hang in there, do your best, as i will too, we'll get there yet - the better.                                  ©Melissa Falls 2014